January 03, 2013

HELLO 2013
2012 ended with an amazing Saturday night at Ceol Irish Pub here in Reno, NV. Then I drove the next day to Redding, CA for a New Years' Eve party I played at Indian Peak Vineyard in Manton. Definitely a good way to end the year! What wasn't so fun was the car trouble that stranded me in Redding a few extra days. Thankfully, my dog Henry and I were in very good company! 
Here is a picture shared by the wonderful Amanda Curren from last weekend and Henry and I at midnight on January 1 pretending not to be tired. We went to sleep almost immediately after taking this exciting "selfy" 
Hope to see more friendly faces on Saturday night at Ceol's!

Ceol Irish Pub December 29, 2012 2013!

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