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Sharing the stage with bands like The Marshall Tucker Band, performing residencies and touring in Northern California and Nevada, singer songwriter Kelly Ann has been taking a unique approach to folk music that fans have labeled "Soul Folk." In 2013, the multi-instrumentalist embarked on a fan funded, cross country tour to record her self titled EP and came back with something better than she expected.

Selling out of physical copies, the release has received praise from the folk community since its debut. Incorporating pop sensibilities with a rootsy sound and energy, Kelly Ann has fans singing her songs even after they've ended. With the success of the EP under her belt, the artist is working on new material for an upcoming full length album set for 2019.




at the Marshall Tucker Band Concert

Recap: The Marshall Tucker Band asked me to play one of my own songs before "God Bless America." They introduced me as their friend on stage, personally. Tons of people sang, "La La & Let it Go" with me and some people still think I'm 12. Maybe in 4 years when I turn 30, people will start thinking I'm 18 and I can stay that age until I'm 50. Seriously though, this was an amazing opportunity and the crowd was wonderful! I was blessed by everyone I got to talk to that night and danced the night away at the local tavern to celebrate! All in all: fantastic experience!
18 August 2012

Why he's more famous than me

Why would anyone pay attention to me when this is happening behind me? 
We certainly do make a cute duo on stage, or even at the river, but Henry will be staying home this week. If he could do some of the driving for me, I'd take him! But alas, he just isn't tall enough for that. Probably too short to ride the rides at Disneyland too. Anyway, he could use a break from all the publicity he has been getting. A nice relaxing week with my parents is in order for this schnoodle. 
Singing Henry to sleep

Music in the Mountains this year


Yours truly will be singing "God Bless America" Saturday to open this concert! I am excited. Come have a listen at Indian Peak Vineyard's Tasting Room in Graeagle on Friday night for a full Kelly Ann show and make it a whole weekend of music! Hope to see lots of you there!  Love!


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