"She's such a tiny thing, but her voice is astoundingly powerful,"

say fans

"Kelly's music always turns heads when it's heard as you walk in the venue. Her ability to mix great lyrics with a very unique voice is something very
hard to accomplish."

Doug Gray
The Marshall Tucker Band

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Kelly Ann Miller announces that she is taking a break in 2016. "I'm not quitting...again," she reassured, "I just need some time to actually write music without the distraction of booking and traveling and being a starving musician." With a plan to do a few shows here and there, Kelly Ann plans to come back in full force after a short sabbatical. 

In the meantime, she has answered a few questions from fans...      >> READ MORE

Kelly Ann Miller makes her minutes count | By: Paul Cambra, of the Auburn Journal

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They call it “soul folk.” Her friends did at least, when they were trying to pinpoint her musical genre. But she doesn’t care what you call it, she’s just happy to be playing it. After all, she quit this game once already when college life got a little too stressful. But Kelly Ann Miller is back with guitar in hand, and a voice that ranges from alto to soprano.
....What sort of things inspire you to write music? “What’s going on in my life or events that I happen to be passionate about at that moment. ‘Gypsy Soul’ I finished writing in the studio; it almost didn’t make it on the album, but my producer said I should include it, so I left and went and finished it. It started with the idea of realizing I was holding myself back from dreaming big, from actually going all in with my music. It’s a song about giving it up and jumping into something bigger than me; being free to wander and move around, that gypsy soul. I’m not going to hold myself back and live in a box. I’m going to live a life that loves others and isn’t all about me. I’m going to make my minutes count.”

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By: Paul Cambra, of the Auburn Journal  [FULL ARTICLE]